Club, group, and association style membership for fully incorporated recreational and motoring groups. MUST be incorporated under the legislation of any Australian state or territory.

Gain access to all member benefits, restricted content on the ARMA website and occasional member discounts on behalf of all club members, includes listing in the Community Search database.

Access to group insurance policy, providing Professional Indemnity and Organisation Liability, and Personal Accident cover for the organisers, members and visitors while attending a group organised activity.

Full voting rights at all ARMA meetings for this membership.

NOTE: Requires additional fees to cover group affiliation and group insurance contributions for all members. See the Membership page, or contact ARMA for further details.

Constitution of Australian Recreational Motorists Association Inc – December 2019

(It is this group’s responsibility to ensure contact and address details for the main representative and any additional delegates, remain up to date for communication purposes, and to authorise changes and voting rights).

Payment for your membership will be via  Bank Direct Debit. Once your membership has been approved you will receive an invoice for your membership including insurance premiums.