• To represent the recreational motoring community’s vehicle modification requirements to state, territory and federal governments.
  • Provide technical input / guidance to Technical Advisory Councils (TAC) at each level of state, territory and federal government.
  • Enable legislative change based on safe, practical and affordable vehicle modification requirements and standards.
  • To harmonise vehicle modification standards and reduce red tape for vehicle owners and engineers as much as possible.
  • Position ARMA to become a key influencer representing recreational motorists in vehicle modifications requirements and standards.
  • Develop strategies that will encourage ARMA members to be involved.


  • Manage the “Time To Align” campaign in order to achieve political party commitments prior to state, territory and federal elections.
  • To work with state, territory, and federal government agencies in order to improve vehicle standards and reduce red tape where practical.
  • Work with automotive industry partners to identify opportunities to collaborate on vehicle standards issues and improvements together.
  • Create Technical Advisory Councils (TAC) to work with each state, territory and federal transport agency.
  • Work to harmonise vehicle modification standards across jurisdictions where possible.
  • Identify opportunities and work with police agencies in order to bring modified vehicle owners / clubs closer together.
  • Work with councils, police and local governments on guidance, remedial activities and legislation in regards to anti-hooning issues.
  • Work with vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket industry partners to showcase modified vehicles in collaborative opportunities.


  • Portfolio Committee to be made up of:

Chairman      Vice-Chairman      Up to 5 other members

          It would be preferable to have the committee represented by each State, therefore the Chairman will endeavour to fill the positions with members from each State /Territory.

  • State/Territory Committees to consist of:

            Chairman     Vice-Chairman       At least 1 more member

Chairman and V-Chairman to determine how many committee members they want

  • Portfolio Committee to (updated as committee builds)
  • State/Territory committees to (updated as committee builds)


  • Portfolio committee established by 31 Dec 2020.
  • Individual State / Territory committees established by 30 June 2021.
  • Have Technical Advisory Councils (TAC) located and engaged with all state and territory governments by 31 Dec 2021 

Possible Alliances

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

National 4WD Industry Council

ARB Accessories Australia

TJM Accessories Australia

Opposite Lock

Lovells Suspension

SEMA (USA) – Specialty Equipment Market Association

TeraFlex USA

American Expedition Vehicles USA

Various Media Outlets