• Have Recreational Motorists recognised, represented and respected with all National and State/Territory and Public & Private Volunteer Project Managers
  • For ARMA to become a key influencer in Public Land Management decisions?? that may affect any Recreational Motorist’s pursuits.
  • Develop strategies that will encourage ARMA Members to be involved.


  • Create a Committee, representative of each State and Territory
  • Create additional Committees in each State/Territory that can better represent that State/Territory’s unique National, State or Local appropriate volunteer opportunities
  • State/Territory committees to work towards generating MOUs with all suitably relevant Volunteer Organisations in their State/Territory
  • Build meaningful relationships between the State/Territory Committees and respective Indigenous Councils/Communities where volunteer work projects are relevant
  • Work with Public Land Owners to develop policies and volunteer opportunities that will maintain access to public lands where the alternative would be to have them closed off.


  • Portfolio Committee to be made up of:

Chairman      Vice-Chairman      Up to 5 other members

It would be preferable to have the committee represented by each State, therefore the Chairman will endeavour to fill the positions with members from each    State/Territory.

  • State/Territory Committees to consist of:

Chairman     Vice-Chairman       At least 1 more member

Chairman and V-Chairman to determine how many committee members they want

  • State/Territory committees to put in place MOUs with their respective Public Land Owners, to include National Parks, State Forestry (where they are a separate entity) State representation for Crown Lands and any other key Public Land Owner in their State/Territory
  • State/Territory committee to designate one or two members to represent ARMA in dealings with Indigenous Councils, Groups and Communities, as well as their State/Territory department for Indigenous Affairs
  • Portfolio Committee to compile multiple future Volunteering opportunities with strategies to ensure public lands remain open to our members
  • Portfolio Committee to maintain a register of organisation contacts of completed volunteer projects for future reference details.


  • Portfolio Committee established by 31 Dec 2020
  • Individual State/Territory Committes established by 30 June 2021
  • Have MOUs in place with each State/Territory Parks and Wildlife by 31 Dec 2021
  • Have established relationships with at least one Aboriginal Council per state/Territory by 31 Dec 2021

Possible Alliances

Clean up Australia

Bush Users Group United (BUGYU)

BlazeAid    (

Tending the Tracks Alliance (TTTa)

Rangelands NRM (

YMAC Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation

DBCA  Parks and Wildlife  In all States