Today, the Australian Recreational Motorists Association, joined by Superior Engineering, were fortunate enough to brief the Queensland Parliament on the Inquiry into Vehicle Safety, Standards and Technology, including Engine Immobiliser Technology.

The public inquiry is predominately focusing on remote engine immobiliser technology, in order to prevent vehicle thefts and high speed chases before they begin, or provide police with a mechanism to remotely disable the vehicle’s accelerator when a vehicle is involved in a high speed chase, when it is in a safe location. However the inquiry also invites public input into options to improve vehicle standards and safety in Queensland, including in relation to the current Australian vehicle design rules and after-market vehicle modification framework, including achieving consistency to ensure best alignment with other Australian jurisdictions.

ARMA had previously provided a written submission of 29 pages, which included a total of 27 recommendations / rejections to the public inquiry, and today’s briefing provided us with the opportunity to cover some of the main points of our earlier submission. While ARMA provided the perspective of the Queensland 4WD community, Superior Engineering were able to provide the perspective of the Queensland 4WD aftermarket industry, and the struggles were share with the current restrictive legislation issues.

It was good to be able to finally get some of the issues affecting the modified 4WD community out onto the table, so they can be addressed appropriately. This was one of the best parliamentary inquiry experiences I have had to date, as you could tell the ministers were truly interested in understanding why modifications were available in some states via Second Stage Manufacturing, but not via Queensland TMR modification standards.

We would like to thank Superior Engineering for accepting our offer to present today, we look forward to working on safe, practical and affordable modification opportunities for all Queenslanders.