ARMA is able to offer Group Members an insurance program as part of our Group Policy. This is not a policy that ARMA resells, that’s against the law. What we are doing is extending the insurance policy we have taken out as an organisation and applying it to our group members, with a small contribution applied to membership fees in order to cover the group insurance policy.

The insurance we offer consists of several types of cover. These include (from our policy wording):

Public Liability: All Losses which the insured become legally liable to pay as compensation in respect of:

  • Personal Injury;
  • Property Damage; and/or
  • Advertising Injury

This component of the policy covers Groups against any of these actions should there be no negligence.

Professional Indemnity and organisational liability: All Losses arising from a Claim against the insured arising out of a breach of professional duty in the conduct of the Business.  This is particularly important for Group management and sub-committees. The organisational liability indemnifies the insured’s Officer or Employee(s) for all Loss arising from a Claim against that Officer or Employee, where the Officer or Employee is not otherwise indemnified by the insured.

Personal Accident: In the case of an incident causing personal injury or death, the policy provides a range of cover including income continuation, medical costs and more.

Like all insurance policies there are conditions. These include excluded activities, payment of an excess prior to a claim being paid and more. The list of activities we currently include principally cover four-wheel driving and club activities which are:

  • meetings and workshops;
  • club day trips and outings, extended trips and tours;
  • static promotional displays and swap meets;
  • fund raising activities (barbecues, social activities, car boot sales and the like);
  • volunteering activities, community assistance events and land manager volunteer working bees (Clean ups, track clearing and repairs, fence mending, signage installation, track classification work, weed removal);
  • bush walks and walking tours;
  • 4WD vehicle operation and recovery technique demonstrations;
  • nationally-recognised training (including driving, vehicle recovery, winching, chainsaw maintenance and use, first aid, etc – delivered by unpaid volunteer trainers);
  • camping and campfire cooking, non-timed gymkhanas and navigation trials;
  • the use of non-powered watercraft;
  • in-club training (including driving, vehicle recovery techniques, camping, using tools and equipment, etc);
  • prospecting activities; and
  • any other 4WD associated activities the insured may participate in from time to time.

At this point in time the insurance is not available for individual members. Groups will need to indicate the number and a contact detail for each of their members. Insurance premiums are generally negotiated around April in each year for application from 1st July each year and the policies are for a twelve month period. For more information contact the association.