Who We Are:

Australian Recreational Motorists Association Inc. (ARMA) was formed in September 2019. Our name captures the essence of our organisation – a unified, powerful community dedicated to the preservation, enrichment and enjoyment of Australia’s most treasured places. Created by a group of citizens dedicated to opening public lands up to all recreational users and fighting to ensure legislation does not impede their legitimate recreational activities.

Our Aim:

To represent the recreational rights of public land users on public lands to ensure these lands can be appreciated, preserved and conserved for all users to enjoy responsibly.

As citizens of Australia we have a right to the continued access and responsible use of public lands. We believe this right is worth fighting for. Through collaboration and advocacy, we aim to provide a voice that will empower public users in their fight for improved access and removal of unnecessarily restrictive laws.

Australian’s love using public lands for many activities and require motorised vehicles to access these areas. Some of these activities involve responsible motor vehicle events which include Four Wheel Driving, boating, camping, horseback riding, prospecting, hunting, fishing and biking. Many people like to access these areas for life essentials like firewood and to sit around a fire to unwind from everyday pressures.

Unlike other groups we have chosen to be an incorporated association that provides our members with the following benefits:

  • Access to our incorporated organisation insurance policy
  • A national voice to fight for the reopening of closed access tracks / fire trails across all states and territories
  • National fleet motor vehicle discounts
  • A national voice to fight restrictive state-based vehicle modification legislation
  • Specialised insurance for your recreational activities
  • A national voice fighting for continued access to all public lands and recreational areas
  • Access to affordable nationally accredited Four Wheel Drive and other outdoor specific training

Our catch-cry is: Link. Support. Represent.

Our organisation’s tagline encapsulates the value proposition that the association creates for our members.

  • We Link public lands partners, not only to government leaders and socially conscious corporations, but also to one another in a vibrant peer network.
  • We Support our community through targeted education, training and our other capacity building programs.
  • We Represent our member’s interests with elected officials and policy makers.

We have many different options for membership including individuals, clubs, incorporated associations and corporations.

If you have a passion to fight for your right as citizens of Australia to enjoy varied recreational activities in public lands, then ARMA is here to help you.