Driver education when driving off-road

Some of the most important things you can have when driving your recreational vehicle are the skills necessary to enjoy safe, reliable motoring. Whether you have been driving for quite a while or not for very long, there’s training that can assist you in becoming a better driver.

Through the Australian Recreational Motorists Association (ARMA), you can get access to training which is provided at different levels. Starting with the basics through to the most advanced techniques including recovery, you are sure to be in safe hands doing training with our trained instructors.

We offer courses that are nationally accredited through to introductory levels and cater for all group sizes and levels of experience. We have a member of the Association who can provide you with Accredited Training which includes the basics through to driving in difficult conditions and recovering your vehicle. This is available in most states of the country. Other courses, that are not accredited, are offered to clubs and individuals and again run in most states of the country.

We know that having the skills makes you a better driver. Our courses focus on the skills required, but also the skills of defensive driving and environmental awareness. Our aim is to have you go into our many recreational areas with maximum enjoyment and safety.

From time to time, ARMA will be providing training in other areas for our members.  These will vary from environmental areas to areas covering our many protected sites around the country.  These programs will be offered in a variety of forms including face-to-face workshops as well as informative documents we post in News from time to time.

For further details regarding specific training courses, contact the Australian Recreational Motoring Association.